About Synvata

Headquartered in Chicago, Synvata is an enterprise software development provider focusing on solving complex business opportunities. Our experience includes work in the financial, real estate, government, education, logistics communications CRM, HRM, healthcare, supply chain, native mobile applications web applications and optimization model development. Whether it’s creating a new solution or modifying your existing plan, our development and integration team gets the job done. Contact us today to see how we can partner with you.

Synvata's History

In 1995, a team formed to develop what is now the leading technology in relocation, a human resources solution: Orion Mobility's reloviewsCOMPLETE™. The $50M project took five years to complete and integrated two systems – one built, one bought – into a single solution. Since then, we have been upgrading and maintaining the Orion Mobility software, including a move to the latest .NET framework.

Nearing completion the team realized they had developed a highly skilled team capable of tackling any software challenge set forth by today’s fast paced business community. That team incorporated under the name Synvata and began to tackle a diverse range of client projects mostly via referral. Today, Synvata is still responsible for 100% of Orion Mobility’s IT solutions.


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